You make a difference in people’s lives.

Getting certified will make a difference for you.

A new voluntary occupational certification has been created for Human Service Counsellors and Personal Support Workers to help ensure a consistent standard for quality client care, and a rewarding career path for the practitioners who support them.

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Human Service Counsellor

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Personal Support Worker

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Megan Stewart

Our Personal Support Workers make a difference in the lives of New Brunswickers, every single day. The high-quality professional care they deliver means that our clients get to live independently in their homes while receiving the help they need to stay healthy.

As an employer, we are proud to support our employees in their journey to receiving this certification and joining a recognized profession. They deserve it, the profession deserves it, and most importantly, so do the many New Brunswickers who depend on their care.

Megan Stewart, General Manager, KRT & Associates

Lise and Marie Chantal

I’m very excited to be the first certified Personal Support Worker in New Brunswick and I encourage others to join me in obtaining their certification. There is no greater feeling than helping someone but often as PSW we feel we are in the shadows, acting as family, friend, and caregiver. This certification means recognition for everything we do and it’s an important acknowledgment from the province of all that we have studied and trained to accomplish.

Marie Chantal, Personal Support Worker

Being recognized as a professional human service counsellor is one of the most important things for me. It shows that I am not “just” an HSC, rather I have recognition from the province that I am a professional in my field. I’m especially proud to be the first certified HSC, to be part of history in New Brunswick and play a role in helping improve my profession.

If you love your job, like so many of us do, I strongly advise you get certified. I believe that we deserve better wages, and while there is currently no wage scale tied to this voluntary certification, it is a first step, with the potential to lead to enhancements in pay and improved working conditions. The process easy, fast, and free. I highly recommend it.

Lise Hitchcock, Human Service Counselor

You are a vital part of the health and wellbeing of our communities, making a positive impact on the lives of New Brunswickers.

Become certified to have your credentials, competencies, and work experience recognized, while increasing professional status and public confidence in our sector.

Learn more about this certification, the positive changes it will bring to the field, and how you can apply.

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